Plastic Surgeries R Us

26 Nov

I completely redid the original design of the flyer for Plastic Surgeries R Us. I changed up the colors to be more gender friendly and less distracting. I also made the design easier to read and helped it flow better.


Brochure Design

14 Nov

There are huge differences in the before and after of each brochure. Contrast is a major change, in the redesigned brochures the designers used colors that contrasted each other as well as complemented one another. The repetition of the fonts and font colors add a nice professional look to each brochure. All the topics were aligned correctly as well as having even proximity between type and pictures. The best addition to the brochures were pictures that related to the topics, makes the brochures more interesting to look at and grabs the reader’s attention.

comic book

12 Nov

I designed my comic book for children. My comic book was called “The Rumble in the Jungle”.

Greeting card

12 Nov

I did a christmas inspired greeting card. The card would be used a s a christmas card from my family.

Wrapping paper

12 Nov

I designed a snowflake inspired wrapping paper. I designed this for my mother because she loves snowflake wrapping paper.


Candy Wrapper

12 Nov

My candy was “minty meltaways”. The inspiration was Jr. Mints, of my favorite candies.

History Poster

12 Nov

I did my history poster on C.S. Lewis. He was a very insperational writer.